Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Autumn in Vermont

The transition from summer to autumn in Vermont is one that affects nearly everyone. It's when the weather turns from warm to chilly, when the leaves turn from green to gold, when students head back to school, and when vacationers make their way up to witness the majesty of the changing Vermont landscape as it readies itself for the cold months ahead. Autumn in Vermont is truly a sight to behold and cherish. So whether you are a student moving out of state and need to take a bit of Vermont with you, a visitor looking for a souvenir, or just need a sweat shirt for those cold evenings that seem to be creeping upon us day by day, Apple Mountain is your #1 source for quality products made in Vermont, by local Vermonters. So stop in at 30 Church Street to be greeted with a smile and a friendly "hello," and immerse yourself in anything and everything Vermont!

CHAMP The Champlain Monster
Thousands of years ago, the entirety of the Champlain Valley remained submerged under a great saltwater sea. This was home to a great prehistoric undersea beast, who roamed its waters as king. However, as a great glacier tore through the Green Mountains, this sea drained into the Atlantic, taking most of its saltwater inhabitants with it. This prehistoric beast, to whom local Vermonters affectionately refer as "Champ", was one of the very few trapped inside. He has been there ever since, and has become much more social than in years past. Sightings this past year are at an all time high, so get out on the lake while you can, summer is all too short! And be sure to stop by Apple Mountain for the very best Champ merchandise, for all ages! 

John David Geery

John David Geery became interested in photography while a journalism student at the University of Utah in Salt Lake city. He bought a camera to illustrate the articles he was writing for the school newspaper.

He perfected his color printing techniques while working in a professional color lab in Utah. After a year, he moved to Idaho and worked for a company as staff photographer, shooting photographs for advertisements and catalogs for three years. He began his fine arts business there, and his early work included western scenes such as the Grand Tetons and southern Utah.

Originally a north-easterner, John returned to New England in 1984, after nine years out west. Initially reluctant to leave the grandeur of the western landscape, the diversity among seasons and the scenic intimacy of the east won him over once again.

After taking a photo, John spends many hours in the darkroom, fine tuning the color balance, density, and cropping until he is satisfied with the final print.

John currently resides in Clarendon, Vermont. He lives with his wife of 34 years, two daughters and two dogs.

To view some of John's breathtaking photographs, go to Photography.

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Apple Mountain is a small, family-owned and operated Vermont gift store, located on the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont. We strive to carry unique Vermont products made by Vermont artists and crafts people. More>>

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